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1. This is a community for people selling/auctioning their punk related items, not people who think they're punk and want to sell their embarassing items from the days they wanted to fuck the guys in Good Charlotte.
2. If you post something with stupid, non-punk bands (GC, Simple Plan, Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, etc), your post will be deleted.
3. We do not want people in here that will scam others. If you are scammed or know of someone in the community that is a scammer and have proof, let the mods know.
4. There will be an entry for feedback that you can leave for users, whether it be positive or negative.
5. Don't post or comment anonymously.
6. Keep this community fun and fresh. I don't want it to turn into punkmart.
7. PLEASE limit repititious posts, if we did not want to buy your items yesterday, we wont buy them today either.
8. Please keep your selling journal &/or your AUCTION links to a MINIMUM! If you are able to scroll down on the 77mart journal page and you see your post please wait to post. We do not want people posting '5 DAYS LEFT' and then 2 days later '3 DAYS LEFT'. WE WILL NOT HESITATE TO DELETE YOUR POST.
8. If we have to delete your post 3 times for ANY reason whatsoever, YOU WILL BE BANNED!! IT IS NOT THAT HARD TO FOLLOW THE FUCKING RULES. We make them for YOU to keep this community fresh!